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  • 2018 Honda Fit

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  • Jun 2024
    Quite roomy interior for a small car
    —Joyce U - 2018 Honda Fit HYBRID
  • May 2024
    The 2018 Hybrid Honda Fit combines fuel efficiency with a spacious interior, making it ideal for city driving and long trips. It features a sleek design, advanced safety technologies, and a versatile cargo space. This model is praised for its reliability, smooth handling. An addition of digital dashboard that displays speed digitally can make it easier to follow speed rules.
    —Pratik S - 2018 Honda Fit HYBRID
  • Apr 2024
    Great car, very comfortable and lots of room
    —Heather S - 2018 Honda Fit Hybrid F
  • Mar 2024
    I love the car, comfortable, loads of room, easy to drive, cheap to run and the most important thing is, the safety features, I feel very safe
    —DIANE H - 2018 Honda Fit Hybrid L Honda Sensing
  • Mar 2024
    Love honda fit, looks cool,very powerful
    —BEST FRIEND 2011 LIMITED - 2018 Honda Fit 1.5L Hybrid F Pack
  • Mar 2024
    A very comfortable, fuel economical car. Good safety aspects and drives beautifully smooth and quiet. Very spacious inside. A lovely car !!!
    —Katrin S - 2018 Honda Fit Hybrid S Honda Sensing
  • Mar 2024
    Go for 2018 (or newer) Honda Fit Hybrid with push start + multi function keys and higher specification as I bought. Increased reliability with less mileage and hybrid battery being not too old. Front and rear good leg space.
    —Jeewantha N - 2018 Honda Fit HYBRID
  • Sep 2023
    Very economical, easy to handle and park, love the huge space in the back after putting the seats up and very good stereo sound, even though I had to use an aux cable! Happy with it.
    —Leinani A - 2018 Honda FIT
  • Jul 2023
    Spacious interior and feels comfy inside. Love the magic seats!
    —Jamssen M - 2018 Honda Fit Hybrid S
  • Nov 2022
    It’s a great car to drive, outstanding gearbox , way better than most automatics, which mattered as I prefer manuals. Sports mode if you want to be a rally driver. Pretty economical, but Auckland’s hilly roads affect this. Good open road car, surprisingly roomy inside. Passenger seat set far forwards, which is a pain as limits leg room for tall people. Storage very good due to super-flexible seats. CD player and good stereo. Keyless car, no benefit in my view, and too many beeps, which we will get removed. Cost more than comparable hybrids and gets no NZ rebate, but we are happy with overall result.
    —Carline F - 2018 Honda FIT Hybrid Super Low Kms
  • Jul 2021
    Im really happy with my car. I love it.
    —JIWAN S - 2018 Honda FIT -G/ F-PKG/ Honda Sensing/ Low Km
  • Dec 2020
    Great car, well priced
    —Maureen R - 2018 Honda FIT 13G F-Package
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