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  • 2017 Toyota Vitz

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  • Oct 2021
    This car has decent power and enough to drive around the town. Overall, this is reliable nice car.
    —Nanae D - 2017 Toyota Vitz F
  • Sep 2021
    Good car. Not fussed with auto stop feature, otherwise very happy with performance, smoothness of drive.
    —Rochelle C - 2017 Toyota Vitz F
  • Jul 2021
    Need to get more experience of it but so far I like it a lot. Can't go wrong with a Toyota.
    —Roderick E - 2017 Toyota Vitz Hybrid
  • Jun 2021
    The Vitz is a sturdy, reliable model. The 1500 engine in the hybrid is great, gives it more oomph.
    —Patricia C - 2017 Toyota Vitz Hybrid F
  • May 2021
    We were looking for a nice small hybrid, good looking, lows and relatively young and found this with our new purchase.
    —George M - 2017 Toyota Vitz Hybrid
  • Apr 2021
    Vitz is a small reliable car which is good on mileage.
    —Anudeep K - 2017 Toyota Vitz Hybrid / Push Start / Reverse Camera
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