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  • 2014 Toyota Corolla

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  • Aug 2022
    Don't expect the same pickup as you would normally expect from a non-hybrid because it doesn't happen the same. Very economical around town. Loving it
    —Janelle L - 2014 Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid
  • Aug 2022
    The space is enough for me, and I am very satisfied with the performance and gas consumption.
    —Yuanyuan N - 2014 Toyota Corolla FIELDER HYBRID
  • Jul 2022
    Super economical on gas
    —SLESSOR LIMITED - 2014 Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid G Aero Tourer WXB
  • Jul 2022
    Very happy with my car, nice upgrade from my old one! Really nice to drive.
    —Ashlee E - 2014 Toyota Corolla GX 1.8P HATCH CV
  • Jul 2022
    Only owned it for a couple of days but very happy with performance
    —Stephen W - 2014 Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid
  • Jun 2022
    I am a very happy owner of this vehicle.
    —Vivienne M - 2014 Toyota Corolla Fielder
  • Jun 2022
    Excellent. Definitely recommend.
    —Suganya K - 2014 Toyota COROLLA FIELDER HYBRID
  • Jun 2022
    A perfect vehicle for our application and has set us up again for predictable motoring over next few years
    —MICHELLE C - 2014 Toyota Corolla FIELDER G AERO TOURER
  • Jun 2022
    Just check it all out to your satisfaction, I drove 160k's after just purchasing it as I had it checked out. Awesome car, drives beautifully, highly reccomend a Toyota Corolla
    —Sue D - 2014 Toyota Corolla GX Hatch
  • Jun 2022
    Nothing bad,. all good, great car very happy.
    —PATHWAY TO SECURITY LIMITED T/A Pathway to security ltd - 2014 Toyota COROLLA FIELDER HYBRID
  • May 2022
    Love the car, just perfect for me. Best car I've ever had
    —James E - 2014 Toyota COROLLA FIELDER HYBRID
  • May 2022
    If your looking to save money get this sort of hybrid
    —Thearak N - 2014 Toyota Corolla WXB Hybrid Wagon
  • May 2022
    they are a tried and tested Taxis vehicle with great reviews all round
    —MOTUEKA TAXIS LIMITED T/A destination Tasman - 2014 Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid WXB G Aero Tourer
  • May 2022
    Great to drive and very efficient.
    —ROSEMARY M - 2014 Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid G Aero TOURER WXB
  • Apr 2022
    —Husandeep H - 2014 Toyota Corolla axio
  • Apr 2022
    Havent had the car for very long, but so far so good. Fuel wise its EXCELLENT we are still running around on the petrol that was put into car when we got it.
    —Samuel K - 2014 Toyota Corolla GX 1.5P Wagon CVT
  • Apr 2022
    Great car Hybrid model has excellent fuel economy with enough power to get where you need to go Great handling Very smooth transition from ev mode thru to power mode
    —SIMON P - 2014 Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid 1.5G Wagon
  • Mar 2022
    Very nice and fuel efficient car
    —Talvinder S - 2014 Toyota Corolla axio
  • Mar 2022
    I bought this car as it is the perfect combination of fuel efficency and practicality. The Toyota corolla also is well known to be the most reliable car ever made
    —Samuel E - 2014 Toyota Corolla FIELDER
  • Mar 2022
    I am happy with my purchase.
    —Joyce L - 2014 Toyota Corolla GX
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