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  • 2014 Toyota Aqua

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  • Sep 2020
    Style Easy and comfortable
    —Jafari M - 2014 Toyota AQUA S
  • Sep 2020
    High safety rating and fuel economy
    —Mark P - 2014 Toyota AQUA G GS
  • Aug 2020
    A good car that is suitable for urban driving. It saves your fuel, very economical and reliable.
    —Iranda H - 2014 Toyota Aqua
  • Aug 2020
    Economical car
    —Ahmad F - 2014 Toyota Aqua S
  • Aug 2020
    This is an economical, attractive and really easy to drive vehicle. I wanted a few extra features - reverse camera, push button start etc, and I was really stoked to find this Aqua within my price range that hadn't done over 100k. I've only had it a couple of weeks, but am already noticing the huge saving in fuel costs. I love my Aqua - perfect for zipping around town!
    —Jenny M - 2014 Toyota AQUA S MODEL
  • Aug 2020
    Great Car
    —Shane T - 2014 Toyota AQUA G GS SPORT
  • Aug 2020
    Encourage to test drive. Wonderful to try
    —Paula A - 2014 Toyota AQUA #CHECKOURDEAL
  • Aug 2020
    Great size, handles well, all the extras we need and very economical.
    —Jillian G - 2014 Toyota Aqua Hybrid S Pack
  • Jul 2020
    Very happy with my car it had low kilometres as I do a lot of travel with my job
    —Sharon B - 2014 Toyota AQUA S
  • Jul 2020
    Seems like a great car so far, very happy with it.
    —Nicola P - 2014 Toyota Aqua S Hybrid
  • Jul 2020
    So far, no complaint.
    —Freddy W - 2014 Toyota Aqua
  • Jul 2020
    Its a decent car, I am overall happy with the car, This is a small car, one of the cheapest hybrid you can buy, it is supposed to give very nice mileage. It has all the basic amenities, seat belts, airbags, heater, a/c.
    —Sarath R - 2014 Toyota Aqua Prius C Hybrid
  • Jul 2020
    Good basic car and economic
    —ARWEN E - 2014 Toyota Aqua
  • Jun 2020
    Very comfortable to drive , not powerful on hills but encourages a nice easeful way of driving de, looking forward to the fuel savings of having a hybrid . Easy to park.
    —Angela D - 2014 Toyota Aqua Prius C Hybrid
  • Jun 2020
    We are loving it!!!
    —INCREMENTUM LIMITED - 2014 Toyota Aqua S Hybrid Prius C
  • Jun 2020
    Little economy saftey car...
    —Erna L - 2014 Toyota Aqua Prius C Hybrid
  • Jun 2020
    Very reliable and pocket friendly car :)
    —Jeevan K - 2014 Toyota Aqua Prius C Hybrid
  • Jun 2020
    It does more electric driving in the city than I thought it would, and it’s pleasant to drive
    —Matthew F - 2014 Toyota Aqua X
  • Jun 2020
    A fair bit of road noise coming through. Comfortable car otherwise. Not a bad car to drive. I was told visibility looking out was not that great but it appears all ok to me. A Prime focus was economy re fuel usage and something for around town use.
    —Raymond P - 2014 Toyota AQUA
  • Jun 2020
    Love it! So very happy with my choice
    —Allyson W - 2014 Toyota Aqua X-Urban HYBRID
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