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  • 2014 Mazda Premacy

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  • Apr 2021
    Good for our family
    —Eufemio S - 2014 Mazda Premacy
  • Nov 2020
    If all seats are in use there is no boot space - bit of a downer if you are looking for a family wagon because kids mean baggage. For kids car seats, this is a great option to fit multiple in with easy access to get them in and out. Roomy inside around the seats and a nice drive.
    —Selina L - 2014 Mazda PREMACY 20CS
  • Oct 2020
    This vehicle was the perfect choice for me and my family.
    —Marcus M - 2014 Mazda Premacy
  • Jun 2020
    Love the vehicle! Very happy with it
    —Cody M - 2014 Mazda Premacy
  • Mar 2020
    Consider electric sliding doors for younger children as they find it more difficult to close the sliding doors than normal car doors
    —Toni M - 2014 Mazda Premacy 20C SKYACTIVE
  • Feb 2020
    Great car, roomy and smooth ride.
    —Prem S - 2014 Mazda Premacy
  • Dec 2018
    I think it is a good car for a family and size and comfort wise, my family n I are loving it.
    —Tshering B - 2014 Mazda Premacy 20C SKYACTIVE
  • Nov 2018
    A brilliant family vehicle that meets all my requirements plus some.
    —Seletute P - 2014 Mazda Premacy 20S SKYACTIVE
  • Oct 2018
    Our Premacy was a great find for us. Extra seats when we need themfor the kids friends without being too big like the MPV. Electric sliding rear doors, so no more slamming or scared the kids might open them out into other cars. Excellent fuel efficiency.
    —Kara M - 2014 Mazda Premacy 20C SKYACTIVE
  • Sep 2018
    Needed to upgrade current vehicle and what we came away with ticked every box.
    —Ute D - 2014 Mazda Premacy 20C SKYACTIVE
  • Jun 2017
    A good family vehicle
    —Murthi D - 2014 Mazda Premacy 20C SKYACTIVE
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