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  • 2013 Toyota Prius

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  • May 2024
    I am saddened that my car battery problem came within twenty eight days but since you company is bound to fix it for me there is no problem.
    —SARAVANAN S - 2013 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • May 2024
    When we planned to buy a car,prius was not in our list.When we come to take a car,we do a test drive,it was so good.Provides a comfortable drive,good space.
    —Sruthi M - 2013 Toyota Prius G
  • May 2024
    This car is super reliable! If you're eyeing a plug-in hybrid, just make sure you've got a power source handy in your garage.
    —Raviraj S - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • May 2024
    Yes it's looking good and good for fuel .I love it .family car
    —Manjit K - 2013 Toyota Prius S My Cordination
  • May 2024
    An excellent economical Car. Power there when you need it.
    —KAYE F - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha S
  • Apr 2024
    I personally really the car… the safety measure and style it’s amazing ..
    —Paulose V - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha
  • Apr 2024
    Spacious, economical family vehicle
    —JEAN K - 2013 Toyota Prius Hybrid Alpha 7 Seat
  • Apr 2024
    The spacious interior and seating for seven people, much more than the Prius, are the biggest advantages. With this car, you can experience even more stable driving during trips.
    —NOVAUP LIMITED - 2013 Toyota Prius ALPHA
  • Mar 2024
    Very happy with my car. It's proven to be efficient on fuel and has plenty of room for the kids sports equipment. Easy to drive.
    —Janelle F - 2013 Toyota Prius ALPHA S
  • Feb 2024
    Very cheap running car Comfortable to drive
    —ANITA W - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Feb 2024
    Nice economical car
    —Tirth G - 2013 Toyota Prius HYBRID
  • Feb 2024
    Very nice to drive. Smooth as. Great family car!
    —Aaron C - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha 7 Seats
  • Jan 2024
    Fantastic little runabout car, big enough for growing kids
    —Christopher M - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha 7 Seater
  • Jan 2024
    Very happy with the fuel economy. It's a nice-looking car. We can lay down the back seats and fit a mattress in the back and camp in it (a major selling point for us).
    —Kama B - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha
  • Jan 2024
    The vehicle is very good in running. Fuel consumption is very good. Space is also in the vehicle. I will suggest others to buy because it saves lot of money,good in running. Smooth ride
    —Shakeel A - 2013 Toyota Prius
  • Jan 2024
    Fuel efficient car
    —Sukhdeep S - 2013 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Dec 2023
    Very cheap to run due to it being a hybrid. There is alot of room for 3 kids in the back and lots of boot space!
    —Sarah M - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha 7 Seater
  • Dec 2023
    For a small car it has good space in the front and I'm very pleased with the fuel economy.
    —Wilma L - 2013 Toyota Prius C S-TECH 1.5 HYBRID
  • Dec 2023
    It’s good economically
    —Sahib S - 2013 Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Nov 2023
    Overall perfomance is very good.meeting our needs.i am very happy with my car
    —MAREENA M - 2013 Toyota Prius 1.8 HYBRID
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