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  • Nov 2021
    What was important? Having low mileage was important to us as we keep our cars for their lifespan, so we have an expectation for the vehicle to last body wise and structurally for at least 10 to 15 years. We purchased a newish towing vehicle last year, but have since moved 80kms out of Dunedin so could not justify the fuel expense or wear and tear on that vehicle long term as its primary use is towing our horses around. While this car was older in age than we had planned on purchasing we felt that the low kms outweighed the age of it, as the car condition wise looked like a new car and we travel 160kms 3 times a week so will quickly rack up the kms on it. How is it performing for us? So far the car has met our expectations saving us around 30% on our weekly travel costs. We have used our first tank of fuel and we travelled 603 km's and it cost $70 in fuel to top up. In town and around our village it happily drives in EV mode. It is a nice car to drive, very comfortable as driver or passenger in the front (we haven't travelled in the back seats), has sufficient power to hold its own on the open road and the boot is a reasonable size for the average shopping trip. The stereo we paid to upgrade to is also excellent. What are the not so positive points? The only negatives in the car is it is very hard to see the front bumper for parking so you have to get to know your distances, and the reversing camera is not as sophisticated as our other car which you can see to within a centimetre, but again that is something that you just get used to, and as these cars are not towing vehicles it is not important or worth upgrading the camera for.
    —Sarah H - 2013 Toyota AQUA G Hybrid
  • Nov 2021
    Haven't had it that long, it's going good and cheap to run a real city type of car.
    —Reginald H - 2013 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Nov 2021
    Very economical, size is great and easy to use thus far 😊
    —TOMMY B - 2013 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Nov 2021
    Nice Car.. Value for Money...
    —Piyus P - 2013 Toyota Aqua 1.5S Hybrid
  • Nov 2021
    A nice and reliable little car with good fuel economy
    —Johannes B - 2013 Toyota Aqua 1.5G
  • Nov 2021
    The car is very economical.
    —DIANE E - 2013 Toyota Aqua S-Package Prius C
  • Nov 2021
    Really nice to drive once you get used to the lack of engine noise.
    —Kathryn B - 2013 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Oct 2021
    Fuel efficiency and compact in size! Boot space is sufficient!
    —Yi-Hui L - 2013 Toyota Aqua
  • Oct 2021
    It’s a beautiful wee car
    —Debbie F - 2013 Toyota AQUA G
  • Oct 2021
    Good for commute around the city, EV mode help to save the petrol. For highways, the EV mode doesn't help much. Actual fuel consumption 4L/100Km.
    —Ricky A - 2013 Toyota Aqua S
  • Oct 2021
    The fuel economy is the main thing but it’s zippy and quite which is super nice.
    —Kaitlyn S - 2013 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Oct 2021
    good condition and very cheap to petrol 👌👌👍👍
    —Darwin L - 2013 Toyota Aqua
  • Oct 2021
    The display information is very useful. She handles travelling over the alpine passes very well.
    —Michelle D - 2013 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid S-Package
  • Oct 2021
    Very nice to drive, really love it
    —Karen S - 2013 Toyota Aqua Hybrid S Spec
  • Oct 2021
    Great little car! I love the colour too, which is a bonus! Takes some understanding and learning to drive a hybrid efficiently, but idn't difficult.
    —Deidre B - 2013 Toyota Aqua S Package Smart-Key Certified Mileage
  • Sep 2021
    Fuel efficient, great size car. Easy to drive.
    —Andrea H - 2013 Toyota Aqua
  • Sep 2021
    very pleased with car
    —Russell C - 2013 Toyota Aqua S
  • Sep 2021
    Very efficient for fuel
    —Kieran W - 2013 Toyota Aqua Hybrid Facelift S Spec
  • Aug 2021
    Great car, I love it. Love the EV Mode, and there's more room than I expected.
    —Michelle P - 2013 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Aug 2021
    We love it. Just perfect for my daughter's first car - super bright colour, super safety rating and super economic to run. Just super!
    —VANJA C - 2013 Toyota Aqua S-Package Prius C
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