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  • 2010 Mazda Demio

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  • Jun 2020
    Really tidy car , excellent fuel economy and comfortable too
    —Caitlin H - 2010 Mazda Demio 13C Manual
  • Jun 2020
    —Nilani D - 2010 Mazda Demio **Very Low Kms**
  • Jun 2020
    My Mazda Demio is fabulous! There is no sound when the gears change, the look is perfect for a teenager, there is a lot of boot space and it is overall perfect car for learner drivers.
    —Megan G - 2010 Mazda Demio 13C-V
  • May 2020
    Great fuel economy, good size for zippy town car.
    —Jazz K - 2010 Mazda Demio 2 New Shape
  • Apr 2020
    —Simran P - 2010 Mazda Demio 13C-V HID EDITION
  • Mar 2020
    Reliable and responsive little car, handles really smoothly and has been great for getting around town in and the occasional long-distance trip!
    —Miranda W - 2010 Mazda Demio 13C
  • Mar 2020
    The vehicle is good and the price was reasonable
    —Preethi P - 2010 Mazda Demio 13C SMART EDITION
  • Mar 2020
    Nice to drive, fuel efficient.
    —Loiuse C - 2010 Mazda DEMIO 13C
  • Mar 2020
    Good Reliable cars
    —R O JONES PANELBEATERS LIMITED - 2010 Mazda Demio 13C
  • Feb 2020
    This is a very suitable car for anyone who wants a basic and non-complicated way of handling. It's also very comfortable with options for raising or lowering the driver's seat to give best view over the bonnet - e.g. for a lady as opposed to a man driver. Even sitting in the back seat one has plenty of leg room. I'd particularly recommend this lovely car to ladies "of a certain age" who would find it so easy to drive and also to park. And it's so economic on fuel, also on anti-freeze and oil. Great for town shopping, and my sons find it excellent also for going into the country and for fair distances - has plenty of power for any hill-driving too. We think it's a uniquely attractive-looking car, too.
    —Robyn H - 2010 Mazda Demio 13C
  • Feb 2020
    Very happy with it so far. It's sporty and very nippy on the road, with good fuel economy.
    —DOMINC L - 2010 Mazda Demio 13C 5-Door Hatch
  • Feb 2020
    Very tidy, economic commuter car.
    —Sarah B - 2010 Mazda Demio Sport
  • Jan 2020
    Good wee vehicle has a small fuel tank around 31L
    —William C - 2010 Mazda Demio SPORT
  • Jan 2020
    —Alvin G - 2010 Mazda Demio The Best Price Guaranteed
  • Jan 2020
    Nice car
    —Janeen B - 2010 Mazda Demio 2 New Shape
  • Jan 2020
    very please with the vehicle purchased. Represented great value for money.
    —Rentables Ltd - 2010 Mazda Demio 2 New Shape
  • Jan 2020
    Everything was smooth and easy to work with
    —Pratiksha P - 2010 Mazda Demio The Best Price Guaranteed
  • Jan 2020
    Very tidy and well designed little car. Has a small motor but still very gutsy on the open road. Very easy to drive, and plenty of space for what i needed.
    —SINEAD S - 2010 Mazda Demio 13C Smart Edition
  • Jan 2020
    Its like the Tardis bigger on the inside than it looks. Small but zippy and fun.
    —Lynley K - 2010 Mazda DEMIO SPORT
  • Dec 2019
    Mazda Demio 2010 has everything that I would like on a car. Safety, reliable, style and fuel efficient.
    —Maria T - 2010 Mazda Demio
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