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  • 2006 Toyota Ractis

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  • Jun 2020
    I love it
    —PHOEBE J - 2006 Toyota Ractis
  • May 2020
    A great little car for around town. And a huge back for taking green waste away. Popping off to Christchurch if I need to knowing it is a safe and reliable.
    —Wendy J - 2006 Toyota Ractis G L Package HID Selection
  • Feb 2020
    The car is lovely.
    —Rebekah H - 2006 Toyota Ractis X L PACKAGE
  • Feb 2020
    Couldn't fault the car cosmetically or mechanically on first inspection and after 10 days yet to find a single fault. They are very economical, possess sufficient power coupled with an excellent 7 speed gearbox for comfortable open road driving, handle surprisingly well but the major highlight is the versatility of the storage capacity. Goes from a 5 seater with a big boot to a small van with vast flat deck area with the push of two buttons on rear seats. Big enough to sleep in comfortably or carry large bulky objects.
    —Wayne F - 2006 Toyota Ractis
  • Feb 2020
    Very roomy inside for a smaller car
    —Kathryn L - 2006 Toyota RACTIS G HID SELECTION
  • Jan 2020
    Its good to drive. The seats are comfortable. Its econimical. Plenty of space. Feels like new.
    —Pauline C - 2006 Toyota Ractis G
  • Nov 2019
    Replaced our previous car which was written off in a crash. Safety is definitely an issue for us. Rear space is amazing for size of car. Travels well and seems to be good on fuel so far. Surprised by how well it feels on handling and roadholding. Very reassuring.
    —TIMOTHY J - 2006 Toyota RACTIS G L PACK
  • Nov 2019
    The car is exactly what we required.
    —Can I Help Ltd - 2006 Toyota RACTIS 1500cc
  • Nov 2019
    Looks small but really spacious inside. Light and easy to drive. Happy with it
    —Cresencia O - 2006 Toyota Ractis
  • Nov 2019
    Powerful and yet fuel efficient. Nice to ride, small on the outside but big inside. Lot of space. Easy to park and a good looking car. I love it.
    —Roderick D - 2006 Toyota RACTIS
  • Sep 2019
    Good car for small family
    —ANN K - 2006 Toyota Ractis
  • Sep 2019
    Good reliable cars cheap on fuel and great looking
    —Charles T - 2006 Toyota Ractis
  • Aug 2019
    Very spacious, good on fuel, runs like a dream.
    —FERNE M - 2006 Toyota RACTIS #29 KMS! #
  • Aug 2019
    That is a very good car, we're looking for a car that would be spacious, economic and safe to travel with our family and also, easy and comfortable to the day-to-day routine and we think that it was perfect.
    —Viviane C - 2006 Toyota Ractis G L Panorama Package
  • Aug 2019
    Great wee efficient and classy runner.
    —Anne B - 2006 Toyota Ractis G-S PKG
  • Jul 2019
    Good service.
    —Jacobus V - 2006 Toyota Ractis
  • Jun 2019
    We knew exactly what we wanted and what we could afford and this car certainly ticked all the boxes...A great buy we are happy with.
    —raima H - 2006 Toyota Ractis
  • Apr 2019
    Powerful for such a little car. Goes to 80-100kms easily. But doesn't "feel" particularly strong.
    —Vanessa L - 2006 Toyota RACTIS 1.5G L Package
  • Jan 2019
    Great car for those wanting to have more space for thier things when travelling or moving some bigger items that wont fit a sedan.
    —Emmanuel N - 2006 Toyota Ractis G L PACKAGE HID SELECTION
  • Sep 2018
    It is a lovely car. Plenty of room and very fuel efficient And its cute
    —Kerry L - 2006 Toyota Ractis GL
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