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  • 2006 Mazda Verisa

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  • Aug 2020
    Very good vehicle pleased.
    —Liam T - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Jul 2020
    this car is amazing, so many cool features. love the side mirror lights, that come on at night. very zippy and doesnt drink alot of fuel.
    —ROBERT B - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Jun 2020
    I think I have made a good decision
    —Valma P - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • May 2020
    Fuel consumption seems good. Drives nicely, great size.
    —Natalie D - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Mar 2020
    I'm happy with my purchase and I'm glad I went for a change as I like bigger cars for storage for my 3 year old that is very active with lots of outdoor equipment that I need to carry.
    —Porsha B - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Mar 2020
    they r very good in traveling and comfortable
    —Donna S - 2006 Mazda VERISA
  • Feb 2020
    So far, I find it very light to drive and reacts well at the same time has enough body and surprisingly roomy, great leather seats super comfortable, and I find it stylish for a 1.5 a small car with attitude and presence.
    —MARIE-HELENE L - 2006 Mazda Verisa L
  • Feb 2020
    Great little car. So far proving to be very economical (even with aircon in this summer’s heat). Mazda Verisa won’t disappoint I recon.
    —Katie S - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Feb 2020
    It’s a tidy and swift little car, does what it needs to do and has pretty good power for how small it is. I love the look, as it reminds me of mini coopers but with the Japanese reliability. Super good on gas!
    —Tanayaz P - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Jan 2020
    Highly recommend the vehicle.
    —Harry O - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Dec 2019
    Such a neat car has all the bells and whislers love it
    —Rachel A - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Nov 2019
    A brilliant car full of surprises. Good quiet runner. Higher up so good all round vision.
    —Jo S - 2006 Mazda Verisa C
  • Sep 2019
    enjoying the extra 200cc and love the mini cooper style shape
  • Sep 2019
    Very safe and reliable vehicle. Very easy to zip around in. Very happy with this vehicle.
    —Jasmine L - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Aug 2019
    Small,cool looking and spacoius family car
    —Amit L - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Jul 2019
    Great little car
    —Olwyn H - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Jun 2019
    Really economic to run and easy to drive
    —Shaunice R - 2006 Mazda Verisa 1.5lt Version C
  • Apr 2019
    Best car for it’s price overall.
    —Jessica H - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Mar 2019
    Pleased with the car.
    —Maria C - 2006 Mazda Verisa
  • Mar 2019
    very good.
    —Wamchen C - 2006 Mazda Verisa
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