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  • 2005 Honda Edix

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  • Oct 2019
    Lovely vehicle to drive. Comfortable. Great acceleration. Spacious without being too big. Spacious boot. Economical. Attractive exterior & interior. Good price for what you get.
    —Pamela M - 2005 Honda Edix 20X
  • Sep 2019
    One awesome car!
    —Petrus S - 2005 Honda EDIX
  • Sep 2019
    Very clever use of space. Easily fits my family of 6 in, with plenty of space in the boot for pram and grocery shopping.
    —Joshua E - 2005 Honda EDIX 20X
  • Jun 2019
    Very cool small bodied car with enough power to get up and go on the hilly road to our home
    —Christina R - 2005 Honda EDIX Petrol
  • Jan 2019
    All good
    —colin F - 2005 Honda EDIX 2.0 ivtec cam chain 6 seater
  • Jan 2019
    Only owned the vehicle for a few days but so far seems very good.
    —Lynette H - 2005 Honda EDIX
  • Nov 2017
    Very spacious and great boot space. Have been everywhere this week and only used 1/4 tank of gas. Function shows how many kms you will get and mine showed 605kms to the tank. (Quite a big tank though - I think it was 50L)
    —Angela C - 2005 Honda EDIX @ BUDGET RANGE @
  • Nov 2017
    Plenty of room cheap to run
    —Ozy Direct Imports - 2005 Honda Edix 17X from $40pw
  • Nov 2017
    Honda edix have 6 seater and also can take down back seat to move the stuff. very suitable for family and car not too big as other wagon. i really like this model. safe fuel as my car 1660cc. you wont disappoint to buy this car.
    —AIMRUEDEE L - 2005 Honda Edix 0 Deposit Finance
  • Oct 2017
    Amazing wee family car.
    —Kaycee E - 2005 Honda EDIX 3X2
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