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  • 2005 Honda Edix

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  • Sep 2020
    Great car, loads of room. I picked this one because we have a 3rd child on the way and I dont like really big cars. This is a small car on the outside with a huge amount of room inside. Perfect for 3 or even 4 carseats!
    —Tamara S - 2005 Honda EDIX 1.7L V-tec 6 Seater
  • Sep 2020
    Good car in general. My main car is a brand new Honda CRV what it is in another quality level but I never saw such an aged car performing as good as this one.
    —FERNANDO S - 2005 Honda Edix
  • Jun 2020
    I love the six seats and various storage compartments. I also love the fact the boot folds flat and great for transporting all sorts of things. The six seats took me back to my childhood with our orange Kingswood Holden, so was a part of my decision making! The car is unique compared with other cars and a great option for going down a size from a seven seater Honda Odyssey. I decided to quickly purchase this car as not many Honda EDIX’s around. The low kms done and the cheaper petrol consumption was a drawcard too. The 1660cc rating not great for transporting a few teenagers around lol, so bear this in mind when purchasing and I won’t be able to quickly take the gap when leaving intersections. Overall, we are very happy with this car and I am enjoying driving it around.
    —Rachel M - 2005 Honda EDIX 17X
  • Oct 2019
    Lovely vehicle to drive. Comfortable. Great acceleration. Spacious without being too big. Spacious boot. Economical. Attractive exterior & interior. Good price for what you get.
    —Pamela M - 2005 Honda Edix 20X
  • Sep 2019
    One awesome car!
    —Petrus S - 2005 Honda EDIX
  • Sep 2019
    Very clever use of space. Easily fits my family of 6 in, with plenty of space in the boot for pram and grocery shopping.
    —Joshua E - 2005 Honda EDIX 20X
  • Jun 2019
    Very cool small bodied car with enough power to get up and go on the hilly road to our home
    —Christina R - 2005 Honda EDIX Petrol
  • Jan 2019
    All good
    —colin F - 2005 Honda EDIX 2.0 ivtec cam chain 6 seater
  • Jan 2019
    Only owned the vehicle for a few days but so far seems very good.
    —Lynette H - 2005 Honda EDIX
  • Nov 2017
    Very spacious and great boot space. Have been everywhere this week and only used 1/4 tank of gas. Function shows how many kms you will get and mine showed 605kms to the tank. (Quite a big tank though - I think it was 50L)
    —Angela C - 2005 Honda EDIX @ BUDGET RANGE @
  • Nov 2017
    Plenty of room cheap to run
    —Ozy Direct Imports - 2005 Honda Edix 17X from $40pw
  • Nov 2017
    Honda edix have 6 seater and also can take down back seat to move the stuff. very suitable for family and car not too big as other wagon. i really like this model. safe fuel as my car 1660cc. you wont disappoint to buy this car.
    —AIMRUEDEE L - 2005 Honda Edix 0 Deposit Finance
  • Oct 2017
    Amazing wee family car.
    —Kaycee E - 2005 Honda EDIX 3X2
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